Align by Allen Ball

A University of North Florida student and alumni fine art exhibition exploring the idea of community. Together, these works display varying roles, identities, and definitions. The community experience fosters the foundation for growth. When natural, emotional and societal expressions align, a flourishing community is created.

We are pleased to present this body of work at the Vandroff Art Gallery of the Jewish Community Alliance, an important component of Jacksonville's community.

Works will be for sale.


Study Abroad in Croatia by Allen Ball

Recently I received a generous scholarship to go on a week long adventure to Croatia where I stayed in a country villa just outside Motovun in Istria, Croatia. I sketched and painted as I went on daytrips to Rovinj, Grojnan, Motovun, Pula, and a few coastal towns, where I swam in the Adriatic, explored vineyards and tasted local honey. Here are just a few photos from the trip.

UNF Preserve Hike by Allen Ball

Today I walked the Goldenrod (2.8 mi) and Blueberry (1.5mi) trails in the Robert W. Loftin Nature Trails within the Sawmill Slough Preserve. The preserve includes wetland and some drier habitats like longleaf pine- Turkey Oak woodlands at the sand ridge which were once ancient sand dunes whereas the wetlands just below was an ancient backwater lagoon.

Study Abroad: Italy by Allen Ball

       From May 18 to June 30th I will be traveling to Italy to study history and art on site. The trip entails a full month in Rome with side trips and weekend excursions to Ostia, Florence, Venice, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Naples, and small hill towns along the way. I will also post updates of my travels on the website's Instagram.

Experiments in Texture by Allen Ball

This burnished and pit fired pinch pot egg is the start of new explorations in texture and visual density in both painting and ceramics. I am especially looking to produce paintings which have a tactile and visually rich surface that includes elements of abstaction in a representative body of work. 

This pinch pot egg was made using 5th century Mesoamerican pottery techniques.

This pinch pot egg was made using 5th century Mesoamerican pottery techniques.

New Signing Seal for Ceramics by Allen Ball

A new permanent signing seal will be used to sign all new ceramic work. This seal or stamp features a new design and a much smaller size at 7mm as opposed to the large 3/4 inch seal used in the past. The newly designed signing seal emphasizes an abstracted bumblebee hidden in my initials.



A ball of clay stamped with the new signing seal. 

A ball of clay stamped with the new signing seal.