I believe in unaffected art.  I am contrary to 21st-century art that mirrors that of the 19th and 20th-century. My work is focused on primary, non-agricultural human contact with the soil. I make installations, video, and textured paintings that primarily consist of earth, clay, ash and burned refuse. My work is strongly rooted in my childhood activities near phosphate mines, and on land owned by the timber and pulp industries in Florida. I endeavor to produce artwork that portrays a panorama of human occupancy and eschew traditional depictions of the landscape.

My interests lie in traces of humankind's past and contemporary interaction with the environment in addition to geography, botany, and ecology. I have an endless attraction to primordial earth and human habitation.


Allen attended Florida School of the Arts for two years prior to attending the University of North Florida where he double majored in Fine Art and Art History. He subsequently earned a BFA in 2017 from UNF. Allen is now seeking his MFA at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY.